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Simple Simon Meat & Pie Products

Please note this is our retail price list for meat, pie products, cheese and British products.

To qualify for wholesale prices your order must be over 5,000 Baht.

Please call 089 096 2491 to check availability

A great range of the finest quality home cured bacon, gammon, sausages, pork chops, beef burgers, black pudding, steak pies & chicken pies

Sausages                                  Price per KG

Pork Fat Boy approx 12 links                           250 Bt

Pork thin approx 24 links                                250 Bt    

Cumberland Fat Boy approx 12 links             250 Bt      

Cumberland thin approx 24 links                  250 Bt    

Cumberland ring approx 12 links                  250 Bt

Chipolata sausage                                          250 Bt

Bacon                                       Price per KG

Lean short back                                              250 Bt

Wiltshire smoked/un-smoked                       265 Bt

US style streaky smoked/un-smoked            250 Bt

Middle cut                                                      250 Bt

Gammon, Ham, Pork                Price per KG

Breakfast gammon thin cut                          xxx Bt

Gammon thick cut                                         xxx Bt 

Horse Shoe gammon 250gm                        xxx Bt

Whole gammon                                             xxx Bt

Virginia ham whole                                       xxx Bt

Virginia ham slices 250gm                           xxx Bt

Honey roast ham whole                               xxx Bt

Roast pork loin slices 250gm                       xxx Bt

Pork chop 250gm                                          xxx Bt

Pork chop 300gm                                          xxx Bt

Pork chop 350gm                                          xxx Bt

Beef                                         Price per KG

Roast beef top side slices 250gm                xxx Bt

Beef burger Supreme 100gm                      xxx Bt

Beef burger Supreme 125gm                      xxx Bt

Beef burger Supreme 150gm                      xxx Bt

Corn beef                                                      xxx Bt

Simple Simon Pies     Price All 90 Bt each

Steak - Steak & Onion - Steak & Kidney - Steak & Potato - Steak & Mushroom - Chicken & Mushroom - Chicken & Ham

Everyone's Favourites

Black Pudding no fat                                   260 Bt per KG

Cornish pastie                                                90 Bt each

Scotch egg                                                      55 Bt each

Melton Mowbray pork pies (Legendary75 Bt Medium - 95 Bt Large

British Products (Non perishable products can be shipped anywhere in Thailand via EMS)

** Subject to price changes without notice due to size/weight fluctuations on new deliveries, call for up to date prices

Tetley Tea – 155 Bt

Typhoo Tea - 199 Bt

PG Tea – 240 Bt

Yorkshire Tea – 130 Bt

HP Sauce- 120 Bt

Sarsons Vinegar – 105 Bt

OXO Beef Stock Cubes – 130 Bt

Bisto Sauces – 220 Bt

Thurstons Pickled Onions – 125 Bt

Haywards Beetroot – 130 Bt

Orchard Picalilli – 55 Bt

Branston Pickle Original – 170 Bt

Pataks Indian Curry Sauces – 130 Bt

Pataks Indian Curry Pastes – 180 Bt

Goldenfry Gravy Granules – 170 Bt

Bisto Rich n Smooth Gravy Granules – 120 Bt

Smedleys Soups – 70 Bt

Batchelors New Potatoes – 80 Bt

Daucy New Potatoes – 110 Bt

Birds Dairy Custard – 170 Bt

Birds Dairy Custard Powder – 120 Bt

Heinz Beans – 80 Bt

Heinz Spaghetti Hoops – 110 Bt

Ramsdens Mushy Peas – 65 Bt

Branston Macaroni, Spaghetti, Ravioli – 100 Bt

Colemans English Mustard – 130 Bt

Marmite - 150 Bt

Bovril - 150 Bt

Cranberry Sauce Jelly – 130 Bt

Olde Oak Corned Beef – 190 Bt

Maynards Midget Gems, Sports Mixture, Wine Gums, Jelly Baby, Mint Humbugs, Pear Drops, Liquorice Allsorts – 100 Bt

Robinsons Fruit Cordials – 135 Bt

Lucazade Original – 55 Bt